NASA's Artemis I Mission Captures Closest Images Of Surface Of The Moon

The photo was taken using Orion's optical navigational system.

NASA shared four images of different areas of the moon. NASA's Orion Capsule has sent back spectacular images of the moon. The spacecraft swept 130km (80 miles) above the lunar surface during the Ar… [+1307 chars]


NASA’s Artemis I launch is delayed again as Tropical Storm Nicole approaches

NASA’s Space Launch System is still waiting to get off the ground. The first launch of the rocket, which will kick off the long-awaited Artemis 1 mission, will happen early on November 16th.

NASA’s Orion spacecraft makes close flyby of the Moon and heads on to orbit

NASA just gave an update on their Artemis 1 mission. Their Orion spacecraft is well on its way to its orbit around the Moon after its successful launch by the massive Space Launch System rocket.

NASA’s successful Artemis 1 rocket launch brings humanity closer to a lunar landing

NASA's Artemis 1 mission has finally launched after several delays caused by engine problems, fuel leaks and Mother Nature giving the agency no choice but to reschedule due to tropical storms. This is the first time NASA's Space Launch System, its most powerf…

Artemis I: Mega Moon Rocket Ready for Launch - SciTechDaily

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  2. Nasa’s rocket launch to the moon next week aims to close 50-year-long gap  The Guardian
  3. NASA's moon rocket moved to pad for first launch  AP Archive
  4. This Week @NA…

Photos from NASA's Artemis mission zipping past the moon reveal a view no astronaut has seen firsthand in 50 years

No humans have flown past the moon since the Apollo missions. But if Artemis I succeeds, NASA plans to send the spaceship with astronauts next time.

Moon rocket launch looms as NASA evaluates hurricane damage - Toronto Star

  1. Moon rocket launch looms as NASA evaluates hurricane damage  Toronto Star
  2. Nothing preventing planned Artemis I mission to the moon, NASA says  12NewsNow
  3. NASA's Artemis 1 moon mission still 'go' for Nov. 16 launch
  4. <…

NASA to Attempt Crewed Moon Landing During Fourth Artemis Mission

Artemis 4 may not happen for another five years, but this mission promises to be a good one. In addition to launching a modified SLS rocket and delivering two space station components to lunar orbit, NASA will also attempt to land a crew on the Moon for the s…


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