Black Friday Sale 2022: Sweet deal! iPhone 14 Pro price just fell from $999 to $200 - HT Tech

The iPhone 14 Pro price has been revised during this Black Friday Sale 2022. Know how much it will cost you.

A number of companies have rolled out some of the most exciting deals of the year during the Black Friday Sale. Whether you are eyeing a premium smartwatch, earbuds, speakers, or smartphones, you can… [+1637 chars]


25 Great Deals From Best Buy's Early Black Friday Sale (2022): TVs, Phones, Laptops

Get cameras, headphones, and powerful laptops before Halloween even arrives.

Apple Issues iPhone 14 Pro Shipment Warning Ahead of Holiday Shopping Season

Apple today said it expects iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max shipments to be lower than the company previously anticipated due to temporary COVID-19 restrictions at the primary Foxconn factory where the devices are assembled in Zhengzhou, China. The f…


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